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Business Analyst


Code Automation

  • Unleash cutting-edge AI power with!
  • Effortlessly crafted bespoke analytics code!
  • Goodbye manual coding, hello analytics future!
import pandas as pd

def myfunc(data):
    data = data.dropna()
    data['year'] = data['batch'].str.extract('(\d+)').astype(int)
    data['season'] = data['batch'].str.extract('([SW])')
    trends = data.groupby(['year', 'season']).size().reset_index(name='count')
    trends = trends.sort_values(by=['year', 'season']).reset_index(drop=True)
    trends = trends.head(30)
    return trends

Ideas Generation

  • Ignite creativity with AI!
  • Revolutionary AI generates captivating analytics goals!
  • Embrace thrilling AI-driven data stories! analytics ideas generation

Insights Extraction

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Keynote Creation

  • Magic presentations: compiles charts & insights seamlessly!
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The fastest and easiest way to create a professional data analytics for you or your team.

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1. Set up your data

Upload a csv, integrate with Google Sheets, or connect with a database directly. Describe your data to give a bit of context on how to best optimize your analysis.

2. Generate analytics ideas

A successful analytics starts with a list of great questions. utilizes millions of data points to generate a variety of initial ideas for you to select from.

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3. Analyze Data Automatically

Watch as works like magic to produce full-length and high-quality code, chart, insights in minutes.

4. Share & Present Findings

Export the analysis with full report with your online audience, or present your findings with our AI created keynote slides.

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For individuals who want to test the basics of AI Analytics

20 analytics questions

  • 1 dataset (< 10 MB) for analytics
  • 1 dataset (< 10 MB) for chatting
  • 14 days hosting
  • Report & Keynote editing
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  • Database & data warehouse
  • Free data onboarding
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For professionals who want to use AI and be 10x more productive

10x your productivity

  • 10 datasets (< 100 MB) for analytics
  • 10 datasets (< 100 MB) for chatting
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Report & Keynote editing
  • Download to PDF, PPTX, DOCX
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • Remove logo
  • Team collaboration
  • Database & data warehouse
  • Free data onboarding
  • Chat with Data on Slack


For organizations who want to take full advantage of AI for data science

Data literacy for everyone

  • Unlimited datasets for analytics
  • Unlimited datasets for chatting
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Report & Keynote editing
  • Download to PDF, PPTX, DOCX
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • Remove logo
  • Team collaboration
  • Database & data warehouse
  • Free data onboarding
  • Chat with Data on Slack

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Analytics Done in Days Minutes

With - generating code, charts, and performing data analysis has become as simple as uploading a CSV file.

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About the dataset

This dataset encompasses all companies accepted by the startup incubator YCombinator up until early 2023. YCombinator runs two batches each year, with the summer batch designated by an 'S' and the winter batch by a 'W'. The industry_tags column contains multiple tags; prior to analysis, these must be separated and the data normalized. Missing values are replaced with “Unknown”.

Data Snippet

company_id company_name short_description batch status industry_tags location country year_founded num_founders team_size
24398 Arengu Build frictionless signup flows in minutes S21 Active 'SaaS', 'B2B', 'Developer Tools' A Coruña, Spain ES 2018 3 10
23610 PipeBio PipeBio is a SaaS bioinformatics platform to develop antibody drugs. W21 Active 'AI-powered Drug Discovery', 'SaaS', 'Machine Learning' Aarhus, Denmark DK 2020 2 3
11988 Thrive Agric ThriveAgric help Farmers in Africa access finance, insight and Markets W19 Active 'Agriculture', 'Finance' Abuja, Nigeria NG 2017 2 227
13507 CrowdForce Crowdforce is an app that allows any local merchant in Africa,… W20 Active 'Fintech' Abuja, Nigeria NG 2017 2 41
24368 Yemaachi Biotechnology Diversifying precision cancer diagnostics and treatments S21 Active 'Biotech', 'Diagnostics', 'Therapeutics' Accra, Ghana GH 2020 4 16

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Founding team size distribution

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We do not offer one time access or lifetime access. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions (Up to 50% off).

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AI Analytics are designed for data scientists and data analysts to help them become more productive, while AI Data Chat is a lightweight chatbot to answer any data questions.

AI Analytics:

Purpose: Initially crafted for data scientists and analysts, this is a comprehensive analytic tool.

Features: Enables users to delve into their data, generating professional reports and keynote slides while maintaining full control of the message.

Users: While initially aimed at data experts, its capabilities make it equally valuable for business professionals looking to uncover insights from their data.

AI Data Chat:

Purpose: A chatbot designed to simplify data exploration.

Features: Allows business users to pose data-related queries without the need for SQL or Python knowledge.

Users: Especially beneficial for business users who require immediate answers without diving deep into data analytics.

When deciding between the two, consider your specific needs. If you're a data professional seeking in-depth analysis tools, AI Analytics might be your best choice. However, for quick, easy, and conversational data queries, AI Data Chat is the way to go.

No, you don't need to know how to code to use AI Analytics. AI Analytics and AI Data Chat are no-code tools that can help you to explore your data and create a professional report and keynote slides.

We provide you the full traceback of the full code for transparency and for debugging purposes.

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