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AI Data Analytics for Instant Insights and Presentation allows you to analyze data 10x faster. Effortlessly process raw data, generate stunning visuals, uncover key insights, and create engaging keynote slides at incredible speed.

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"If you are looking for a smart & efficient analytics co-pilot, look no further than"

"Its self-driven analytics and Data Q&A interface dramatically streamline the journey from data preparation to insights. Essential for data scientists handling complex queries. A top recommendation for optimizing your analytics workflow." customer, Ramkumar Ravichandran, Ex-Google Data Science Manager, Ex-Visa Director of Data Science
Ram Ravichandran
Google Data Science Manager & Ex-Visa Director of Data Science

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AI Data Analytics

From complex analysis to stunning visualizations, our advanced AI crafts code, uncovers crucial insights, and delivers captivating Keynotes - in minutes.

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AI Data Chat Q&A Bot

Are you tired of endless email threads and support tickets with your data science team? With AI Data Chat, get immediate answers to your data-related questions. Interact directly with our AI 24/7, on your terms.

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This degree of customer-centric thinking has elevated my interaction with to a new level of comfort and enjoyment, enhancing its standing as a standout option among software solutions. customer, Chen Zhao, Ex-Tableau Director of Marketing Analytics and Insights

Dr. Ricardo Valls

President, Geoconsulting Company

Ignited by the game-changing power of generative AI, was born. Brace yourself for an electrifying revelation: that very same AI power can now empower data analysts and data scientists and 10x your productivity! founder, Leon Wei, Ex Sr. Manager of Machine Learning at  Apple

Leon Wei

Founder,, Ex Sr. Manager of Machine Learning at  Apple.

If you are looking for a smart & efficient analytics co-pilot, look no further than

Data scientists often get inundated with last minute analytics asks, followed by “what-if” questions. Our benchmarking exercise with the conversational self-driven analytics and Data Q&A interface revealed a significant reduction of analyst hours from prepared data to insights stage. Highly recommended and excited for the future. customer, Ramkumar Ravichandran, Google Data Science Manager, Ex-Visa Director of Data Science

Ram Ravichandran

Google Data Science Manager & Ex-Visa Director of Data Science

When I first tried the analytics co-pilot, my jaw dropped - it was amazing. It will finally free analysts of the repetitive and mechanical tasks so that analysts can be creative, strategic and truly analytical! customer, Chen Zhao, Tableau Director of Marketing Analytics and Insights

Chen Zhao

Tableau Director of Marketing Analytics and Insights

I’m surprised at how well this works! All I had to do was upload my datasets. And magically, this tool generates amazing visualizations and insights for me to use in my next presentation. customer, Ankit Rajput, Business school student.

Ankit Rajput

Business College Student

You have created an amazing generative AI website. This has helped me a lot in my project. Also the code provided by the website helped me to explore more options into code.


Business Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import data from Excel?

Yes, you can! We support uploading of Excel files in formats such as .xlsx, .xls, .csv, .tsv.

Once uploaded, the data will be imported for analysis. If your file has multiple sheets, please note that by default, we only fetch data from the first tab sheet. Ensure your data is properly formatted for the best results.

How do you manage my data?

We retain your dataset for 30 days to monitor any potential abuse or misuse. Our team of proficient experts has access to your data during this period to ensure it aligns with legal requirements and our terms of service.

Privacy Assurance:

Your data's privacy is our top priority. We assure you that your data isn't used to enhance our models without your explicit consent. You can trust in the safety and confidentiality of your data with us.

What data sources do you support??

We accommodate a wide range of data sources. These include:

  1. Excel Data Upload: We accept files in the following formats: .xlsx, .xls, .csv, .tsv, and .txt. Note: For multi-sheet files, only the data from the first tab is accessed by default.
  2. Google Sheet Integration: Share your data directly through Google Sheets. This feature is available on our Pro plan.
  3. Database Connection: Seamlessly connect directly to your database for efficient data retrieval.This feature is available on our Teams plan.

For further details or to see these features in action, contact us or request a demo.

Do I need to know coding?

No, you don't need to know how to code to use AI Analytics. AI Analytics and AI Data Chat are no-code tools that can help you to explore your data and create a professional report and keynote slides.

We provide you the full traceback of the full code for transparency and for debugging purposes.

What is the difference between AI Analytics and AI Data Chat?

AI Analytics is a comprehensive tool originally designed for data scientists and analysts. It offers in-depth data analysis, enabling the generation of professional reports and keynote slides with full control over the content. While primarily aimed at data experts, its robust features also benefit business professionals seeking deep insights from their data.

AI Data Chat, on the other hand, is a user-friendly chatbot aimed at simplifying data exploration. It is particularly useful for business users who need to ask data-related questions without requiring SQL or Python skills. This tool is ideal for those seeking immediate, straightforward answers without the need for complex data analysis.

    Choosing Between the Two:
  • Opt for AI Analytics if you're a data professional requiring detailed analytics tools.
  • Choose AI Data Chat for quick, conversational, and easy data queries without needing in-depth data analytics expertise.
  • More Questions?

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