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Leon Wei, founder of skills.ai, next gen AI data analytics platform

Meet Leon, founder of skills.ai

Photo taken at: Steve Jobs theater, Apple Park, California

Hey there! We're skills.ai, and we’re all about turning intimidating data analytics into a friendly chat. We've harnessed AI to make data not just a tool for the experts, but something everyone can use and understand. Imagine analytics so straightforward, it's like having a conversation with a knowledgeable friend.

Our Story: A Passion for Data, Simplified

Our journey began with a group of data enthusiasts and AI aficionados. We saw how often the power of data was left on the table, tangled in complexity. Our answer? skills.ai – a platform where AI simplifies data, making it approachable for all, regardless of technical know-how.

Our Offerings

  • AI Analytics Automation: Our platform transforms raw data into insights, charts, and summaries with ease. This means less time on spreadsheets and more on making informed decisions.
  • AI Chat Interface: Want to ask your data a question and get an answer right away? That’s what our AI chat feature does – making data interaction as simple as a casual conversation.
  • AI Infographics: We bring you dynamic, visually appealing data visualizations. From animated bar chart races to timeline graphics and bubble charts – all powered by AI for both beauty and precision.

Data Security: Our Commitment

Your data's privacy and security are paramount. We adhere to strict data protection protocols, ensuring all information is encrypted and processed securely, always respecting user privacy.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation: We're constantly evolving, integrating the latest AI advancements to enhance user experience.
  • Simplicity: Our goal is to make data analytics straightforward and accessible.
  • Empowerment: We equip our users with tools that transform data into a valuable asset, empowering decision-making at every level.

Join Our Exciting Journey

We're more than just a platform; we're a community of innovators and data enthusiasts. Join us as we make the world of data analytics more accessible and informative. Discover the future of data interaction with skills.ai!

Any questions, please contact us.