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About the dataset

This dataset encompasses all companies accepted by the startup incubator YCombinator up until early 2023. YCombinator runs two batches each year, with the summer batch designated by an 'S' and the winter batch by a 'W'. The industry_tags column contains multiple tags; prior to analysis, these must be separated and the data normalized. Missing values are replaced with “Unknown”.

Data Snippet

company_id company_name short_description batch status industry_tags location country year_founded num_founders team_size
24398 Arengu Build frictionless signup flows in minutes S21 Active 'SaaS', 'B2B', 'Developer Tools' A Coruña, Spain ES 2018 3 10
23610 PipeBio PipeBio is a SaaS bioinformatics platform to develop antibody drugs. W21 Active 'AI-powered Drug Discovery', 'SaaS', 'Machine Learning' Aarhus, Denmark DK 2020 2 3
11988 Thrive Agric ThriveAgric help Farmers in Africa access finance, insight and Markets W19 Active 'Agriculture', 'Finance' Abuja, Nigeria NG 2017 2 227
13507 CrowdForce Crowdforce is an app that allows any local merchant in Africa,… W20 Active 'Fintech' Abuja, Nigeria NG 2017 2 41
24368 Yemaachi Biotechnology Diversifying precision cancer diagnostics and treatments S21 Active 'Biotech', 'Diagnostics', 'Therapeutics' Accra, Ghana GH 2020 4 16

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