Maha Nakhon Province Highlights

Milk production, scenic views, and cultural traditions

Maha Nakhon Province Highlights Data

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Early Settlement First inhabitants establish the province's foundation. 🏡
19th Century Maha Nakhon becomes a hub for milk production. đŸĨ›
1930s Transportation routes by land, water, and air developed. 🚗🚤🛩ī¸
1950s Weather in the region described as cool and comfortable. 🌤ī¸
1970s Locals known for their friendliness towards visitors. đŸ‘Ģ
1990s Skywalk opens as a popular tourist attraction. 🌉
2000s Signature dish 'Kanom Jeen Nam Ngiao' gains fame. 🍜
2010s Long boat racing becomes an important tradition. đŸšŖ