NVIDIA - A Journey of Innovation

Key Milestones in the Evolution of a Tech Giant

NVIDIA - A Journey of Innovation Data

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1993 Founding of NVIDIA Corporation đŸĸ
1999 Introduction of GeForce 256, the world's first GPU 🎮
2001 Release of nForce, NVIDIA's first motherboard chipset 🔌
2004 Introduction of SLI technology for linking multiple GPUs 🔗
2006 Launch of CUDA, a revolutionary parallel computing platform đŸ’ģ
2008 Acquisition of AGEIA Technologies, entering physics processing 🌌
2010 NVIDIA enters the mobile market with Tegra 2 📱
2012 Launch of GeForce GTX 680, based on Kepler architecture đŸ–Ĩī¸
2014 Debut of NVIDIA Shield, expanding into gaming hardware 🕹ī¸
2016 Introduction of Pascal architecture, enhancing performance 🔄
2018 Release of Turing architecture, pioneering real-time ray tracing 🌟
2019 Acquisition of Mellanox Technologies, expanding into data center and networking 🌐
2020 Announcement of NVIDIA's largest GPU, the A100 for AI and HPC 🤖
2021 Launch of GeForce RTX 30 series, featuring Ampere architecture ⚡
2022 Introduction of NVIDIA Grace CPU, designed for AI and HPC workloads 🧠
2023 Expansion of A100 offerings, enhancing AI and scientific computing capabilities 💡