OpenAl's Sam Altman Saga Timeline

Drama, Strategy, and Bold Moves in the Forefront of Al innovation

OpenAl's Sam Altman Saga Timeline Data

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Nov. 16 Ilya Sutskever Schedules Call with Sam Altman 📞
Nov. 16 Mira Murati Informed of Sam Altman's Impending Firing 💬
Nov. 17 OpenAI Board Fires CEO Sam Altman 🔥
Nov. 17 OpenAI Announces Executive Shake-Up in Blog Post 📢
Nov. 17 Greg Brockman demoted from Chairman to President, then quit ⬇️
Nov. 17 All-Hands Meeting at OpenAI Discussing Leadership Changes 🤝
Nov. 17 Microsoft's Statement on OpenAI's Leadership Changes 💬
Nov. 17 Senior OpenAI Researchers Resign Following Leadership Changes 🔍
Nov. 18 COO Clarifies Altman's Firing Not Due to Malfeasance 📜
Nov. 18 Potential Jeopardy for OpenAI's Funding and Valuation 💸
Nov. 18 Altman Plans New Venture, Possibly an AI Chip Startup 💡
Nov. 18 Investors Push for Altman's Reinstatement at OpenAI 🔄
Nov. 18 Board In Principle Agrees to Resign, Altman's Return Uncertain 🎢
Nov. 19 Altman Expected to Meet at OpenAI HQ for Reinstatement Talks 🏢
Nov. 19 Stalemate in Board Negotiations Over Altman's Return 🚧
Nov. 19 Emmett Shear Appointed as Interim CEO, Replacing Murati 🔄
Nov. 20 Altman, Brockman Join Microsoft's New AI Research Team 🤝
Nov. 20 Ilya Sutskever Expresses Regret Over Altman's Removal 😔
Nov. 20 OpenAI Employees Threaten Mass Resignation for Altman's Return
Nov. 21 Altman in Talks with Board for Possible Return as CEO 🔁
Nov. 21 Board Tensions Escalate Over Altman's Leadership and Communication 💥
Nov. 21 New OpenAI Board Formed with Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D'Angelo 🆕
Nov. 21 Sam Altman Returns as CEO of OpenAI 🔙