What Happens After you Quit Drinking?

Navigating the Physical and Psychological Changes on the Road to Recovery

What Happens After you Quit Drinking? Data

date event emoji
Day 1 Withdrawal starts, headaches, nausea. 🤕
Day 2 Anxiety, restlessness increase. 😓
Day 3 Symptoms may peak, shaking possible. 🥵
Day 4 Physical symptoms decrease, cravings linger. 🧠
Day 7 Sleep and hydration improve, body repairs. 💤
Week 2 Energy and mental clarity rise.
Week 3 Mood stabilizes, health improves. 😊
Month 1 Health benefits, weight loss, better skin. 🌟
Month 2 Liver risk down, heart health up. ❤️
Month 3 Emotional well-being improves, new habits form. 🌈
Month 6 Cancer risk drops, overall health up. 🎗