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Import Data from Excel, CSV
Dataset (*)
1 (<10 Mb) Dataset
2 (<100 Mb) Datasets
10 (<100 Mb) Datasets
Analytics Questions (*)
Report & Keynote Editing
Export to PDF, PPTX, DOCX
Google Sheets Integration
High-def Infographics Export
Google Analytics 4 Integration
Google Search Console Integration
One Click Analytics
Live chat support
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Customized branding
Chat with Data through Slack
Import from database & data warehouse

(*) The usage quota resets with each new billing cycle for uninterrupted service. vs. Other Analytics Tools

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Other Tools

Utilizes the latest GPT-4 AI model for superior analytics capabilities.
Most offer GPT-3.5 or older, cheaper models, depending on the tool and plan.
Offers Metrics, Tables, Charts, and Python Code for in-depth analysis.
May lack Python Analytics Code for Review/Traceback.
Unique Offering
Provides  Apple Keynote-Style Presentations, with hosting and PowerPoint export.
Not Available
This feature is not commonly offered.
Assisted Data Onboarding
Free Onboarding
Free onboarding for Pro or Enterprise plans.
Other tools may not offer free onboarding services.
Usage Limits in Pro+ Plans
Offers unlimited analytics in Pro+ plans.
Based on Credits, can lead to confusion and errors for users.
Chatting with Data through Slack
Convenient Integration
Seamless integration with Slack for data interaction for Enterprise plan.
Not Available
No known other AI anlaytics tools offer Slack integration.
Advanced Visualization
Provides AI-powered infographics, timelines, and bar charts.
Few tools offer such advanced graphical representations.
Extensive Integration
Offers integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.
Others have limited or no such integration capabilities..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. You will still have access to all documents previously created with

Do you offer one time access or lifetime access?

We do not offer one time access or lifetime access. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions (Up to 40% off).

However, if you only need to use our service for a short period of time, you can subscribe to our monthly plan and cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

For Non-Programmer Individuals (e.g., Academic Researchers)

If you occasionally require customized analytics for academic or research papers, our Basic plan is an ideal fit. It's tailored for ease of use without needing technical expertise.

For Professional Data Analysts, Scientists, and Engineers

Our Pro plan is designed to meet the advanced needs of data professionals. It offers comprehensive tools and features for regular, in-depth data analysis and exploration.

For Larger Corporations and Advanced Data Science Team

If you're part of a larger organization requiring extensive data science capabilities, or if you need direct database connectivity, our Enterprise plan offers the robust functionality and flexibility you need.

Do you offer one time access or lifetime access?

We do not offer one time access or lifetime access. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions (Up to 40% off).

However, if you only need to use our service for a short period of time, you can subscribe to our monthly plan and cancel your subscription at any time.